The Jewish Historical Society of Delaware is proud to publish books and pamphlets about the history of the Jewish Community in Delaware. Many publications are available in downloadable PDF files, as well as print editions.

Becoming American, Remaining Jewish: The Story of Wilmington, Delaware’s First Jewish Community, 1879-1924 by Toni Young
Wilmington’s first permanent Jewish community began as a collection of less than 100 Jews in 1879 and grew to a community of over 4000 people by the early 1920s when the immigration laws changed, and growth slowed down. This in-depth study of one community’s success in preserving Jewish values and becoming American will provide insights for all readers interested in exploring questions of identity and community today. Illustrated.
Published by the University of Delaware Press, ISBN: 978-1611491890
A Tribute to my Teacher Rabbi Simon Krinsky: His Poetry Before 1936
by Rabbi Edward Zerin
 A Tribute to my Teacher Rabbi Simon KrinskySixty poems originally published in Yiddish in 1936, now available in a dual language edition with a new English translation. Rabbi Krinsky, a Hebrew educator with a poetic soul composed in Yiddish Rabbi Zerin shaped into a sensitive English.Published by the Jewish Historical Society of Delaware, ISBN: 978-0991186600
Historical Review of Jewish Education in Delaware (1876-1976) by Harry Bluestone $2.50

A Social History of the West Second Street Jewish Community — Wilmington, Delaware, 1930-1940
by Marvin S. Balick
The Letters of “Dear Mollye” a.k.a. Mollye Sklut a.k.a. A Person Who Made a Difference by Marvin S. Balick $5.00
Introduction to Delaware’s Jewish Centennial $.75
Delaware Jewry: The Formative Years 1872-1889 by Rabbi David Geffen $1.00
Jewish Delaware: 1655-1976, History, Sites and Communal Services $.75
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JHSD Newsletter – Back issues $.75
Delaware Jews in American Wars DVDDelaware Jews in American Wars DVD $10.00
Delaware and the Jews edited by Toni Young
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